The Good Neighbour Initiative
…designed to assist eligible individuals and families with short term electricity bill payments and electrical wiring

Helping the vulnerable through these tough times

The Good Neighbour Initiative is designed to benefit eligible individuals and families, who require short-term assistance with electricity bill payment and/or other costs that are associated with replacing or maintaining electricity supply at their homes (such as replacement electrical wiring, relocation of meters) due to fires or other emergencies, or changed financial circumstances directly related to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grenlec bill payments were awarded to

“When I received word about the Good Neighbor Initiative, I actually thought it was too good to be true. Before signing up I thought to myself for something like this, there must be plenty requirements meet. I went through the online form and surprisingly it was simple and very straight forward. I must commend the team on their willingness to assist and communication. They are always in touch! It was not long after I received an email with a receipt saying my bill was paid. The Good Neighbor initiative came through in the most difficult time and our family is most grateful. The word needs to spread because indeed there are several families who stand to benefit from The Good Neighbor Initiative. Thank you so much"
The Griffith Family
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